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Kanchan Sales is one of the top #5 Copper Fittings manufacturers and suppliers in India. We are the largest manufacturer of Copper fittings in India. We have our offices/warehouses spread across the country for easy dispatch and delivery control. 

copper pipe fittings manufacturer india

Copper fittings or adapter are used in Copper pipe systems, copper oxygen gas pipeline or medical gas pipeline systems to connect straight sections of pipe or tube, adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes such as regulating (or measuring) fluid flow. Copper fittings are used in plumbing to manipulate the conveyance of water, gas, or liquid waste in domestic or commercial environments, within a system of pipes or tubes.

Our Copper fittings are used in plumbing or mechanical applications in above and below ground applications as allowed by local code. These copper fittings provides reliable 360° leak resistance for 1/2″ to 4″ fittings, regardless of orientation. These are fast and easy to install, and are very environment friendly operating on atemperature of -20° F to 250° F.

We are an ISO 9001:2005 Certified Copper Fittings manufacturer and stockiest in Mumbai, India. We deal in various types of Copper Fittings like Copper Tee Fittings, Copper Elbow Fittings, Copper Coupling Fittings, etc. all over India. We manufacture an extensive range of Copper fittings products at our units located in Thane, Rabale, Silvasa, Greater Noida, Jalore, etc. We offer Copper Fittings at a very lower cost than any of our competitors, without compromising on the quality. We have been in the market since decades, but not once our product has failed to deliver good results. We ship/deliver all our material from our Mumbai Office itself.

Copper Fittings manufacturers and dealers in India - Types​:

Copper Fittings Price List 2020

Fitting Schedule/ClassPipe Size - Pipe FittingFitting Connection TypePipe Fitting MaterialPrice List
Schedule 10 Elbows Price1/2"ButtweldCopper₹260
Schedule 10 Elbows Price3/4"ButtweldCu.₹295
Schedule 10 Elbows Price1"ButtweldCu.₹380
Schedule 10 Elbows Price1-1/4"ButtweldCu.₹420

Copper Fittings manufacturers and dealers in India - Specifications:

Copper Fittings manufacturers and dealers in India - Size Chart:
Copper Fitting Size (mm)Nominal wall thickness (mm)Inside diameter/bore size (mm)Theoretical mass (kg/m)Maximum working pressure (Bar)Recommended Usage (All sizes)
15 (HD)0.7013.60.28051.3Recommended for above ground use only. Soldering should be done via copper brazing rods for Copper to Copper applications or silver brazing rod for intersectional materials. Recommended to solder copper fittings using flux for easy and hassle free experience. The result connection averagely lasts for upto 30-40 years without any maintenance.
22 (HD)0.9020.20.53245.0
28 (HD)0.9026.20.68335.4
35 (HD)1.2032.61.13637.7
42 (HD)1.2039.61.37131.4
54 (HD)1.2051.61.77432.0
67 (HD)1.50642.75132.2
76 (HD)1.7072.63.53732.2
108 (HD)2.30103.46.80730.7